How do I access the feedback my tutor has left me?

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Once a student has uploaded their work to the online campus and has this marked they will need to await for their tutor to mark this. Once the work is marked and a grade returned to the student, a notification email will be sent to them. This email will tell a student that their work has been marked and will contain a link that allows them to click through and see their feedback. Students can navigate to the assignment in question and scroll to the bottom to see their feedback.

All feedback and the grade achieved can be seen here. To open up the feedback fully, students should click on the small ‘plus’ sign above this and the full feedback will be opened.

Resubmitting an assignment
Should a student need to resubmit their work, their feedback will contain all the information required to make the necessary alterations. All previous attempts at a submission will be shown underneath the assignment questions as shown below:

Students can opt to ‘add a new attempt’ or ‘add a new attempt based on previous submission’. Since a file is uploaded for all assignments, students are better off clicking ‘add a new attempt’ and uploading a completely new file. If a student does click on ‘add a new attempt based on previous submission’ then their old file will be shown- students can then right click on this, delete it and upload their latest attempt.

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