How do I navigate to my course?

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After you have purchased a course through our website you will have immediate access to all of your course materials so you can start learning new skills straight away. This is done by entering the course which you have enrolled on from the home screen when logged in.

Once you have entered your desired course you will be taken to the course homepage. From here you can read important documents relating to how your course is structured and the requirements of learners which are under the ‘Course information and resources’ heading. Further down you can access different units of the course by clicking on their titles. After doing this you will be able to read documents and other products to gain information about the specific unit before uploading your assignments. Documents are downloadable as PDFs so that you can read them on your computer, tablet or mobile device at your own pace. As well as this all of our documents are printable should you wish to keep a hard copy.

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