How do I upload my assignments?

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Our online campus allows students to upload their work to be marked online so that feedback is much quicker than postal submissions. To upload work a student must follow the steps shown here:

Step 1- Complete your assignment

Each individual assignment should be completed in a separate document and only one assignment should be uploaded for marking to each outlined TMA. Each assignment that is required for a course is clearly shown on Moodle and the document that you submit should contain relevant information for the specific assignment.


Students are encouraged to upload their work as a Word document or PDF but if this is not possible, any other document type can be submitted.

Step 2- Selecting a file to upload

Next you must choose a file to upload which is done by scrolling down to the bottom on the individual assignment and then clicking ‘Add Submission’.

Now you must select the file that you wish to be marked from your computers files. To do this click the ‘add’ button which is located in the top left corner of the file submissions box. A new box will then open in your browser and you must select the file to upload. Once you have selected the correct file press ‘Upload this file’.

Step 3- Confirming the assignment

Click ‘Submit assignment’ when you are happy that this is exactly what you wish to send off for feedback from your tutor. You will then be asked to confirm this submission by accepting a statement declaring the work to be your won, which is shown in the screenshot below:

Next you will be taken to a screen which allows requires you to tick a submission statement to show that the work you are uploading is your own work. You can simply tick the box shown and then click ‘Continue’.

You have now submitted your assignment for this particular TMA! Your tutor will mark your work and you will receive feedback in due course. Should you need any more help and assistance on this process of uploading assignments please email and we will happily help you out!

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