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Plagiarism means claiming work to be your own which has been copied from someone or somewhere else. All the work you submit must be your own and not copied from anyone else unless you clearly reference the source of your information.

Your tutor will explain how to provide a reference list that shows where you found your information. If we discover evidence that your work is copied from elsewhere, it will not be accepted.

If you simply read a book, journal or web page and find this has relevance to your work and you choose to use the ideas within the source- even if you do not copy the source word for word, you must reference this source.

If you find that you need to use the exact words that you read from your book, journal or web page then those words must be “quoted” – Italic font is often used here to draw attention to the fact that you are stating that this is a quote from another author.

Quotes should only be used to back up the information that you have already put in your own words. They are used to bolster your work if you like.

Quotes must be cited at the time they occur in your assignment and referenced at the end of your assignment.

At the end of your quotation, within your assignment, the authors surname and year is all that is needed. (This is called citing the information):

Example of a citation:

“Current thinking supports the view that ……..” (Kay, 2005)

Example of referencing (this citation) from a book:

(Author (surname, initial), date, title, publisher, place where published)

Kay. D (2005) Women’s Roles. Penguin. New York

Example of referencing (this citation) from a website:

(Websites: Author, year, titles of web document, full web address)

Kay. D, Women’s roles; A document to assess gender roles Available at www.gender

Most cases of plagiarism can be avoided by citing sources. Simply acknowledging that certain material has been borrowed and providing the college with the information necessary to find the source of that information is usually enough to prevent a breach in the plagiarism policy.

Please use this reference generator if you are struggling to reference your sources.:


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