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A Level Sociology Course

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Sociology is the science behind how people interact with one another and as part of groups. This fascinating topic gives rise to the study of social systems and their control, relationships, crime and education. Our Sociology A Level is the perfect way to gain a world-renowned qualification in Sociology for your future career.
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About this A Level Sociology Course

Sociology is the study of society and its members; specifically, how members of society are affected by social institutions and, in turn, how members of society affect social institutions. This relationship between social institutions and members of society is what sociologists focus on when studying social change, what causes change and the consequences of social change.

Our A Level Sociology course prepares learners for their examinations with AQA and covers all of the topics needed to prepare for your exams. These include multiple social systems, the psychology of social situations, economic impacts, education, the media and crime. With so many different aspects which interlink within our daily lives, sociology is even more relevant in the 21st century than it has ever been.

Study Time: 200 hours
Enrolment length: 24 months
Course Format: Online
Entry Requirements: None Specific

To get the full AQA Sociology A Level, students must enter themselves as a private candidate for the exam.


All of our students are given access to our online campus through their own personal login and password. Once logged in you can access your course materials, lessons, resources and assignments in your own time. Assignments are uploaded through your account and the process is easy intuitive. Our online campus includes:

  • 24/7/365 access to all of your course materials- all lessons, assignments and resources are available from the moment you enrol
  • Instant access to your course after you enrol- start studying immediately!
  • Integrated chat and messaging systems so that you can contact your tutor
  • Online assignment uploads to save time in returning marks and feedback.
  • Links to further resources and information available on courses
  • Self-led learning on all courses- study in your own time and work through your assignments at your own pace
  • Safe e-portfolio of your work is kept under lock and key on our secure servers
  • Progress bar to show the work you have completed and how many tasks you still have to complete on your course
  • Detailed help centre with step-by-step instructions on getting the most from your course and how to upload assignments and contact your tutor


The most important tool that all of our students have at their disposal is their tutor. When studying for a course with us you are assigned a personal tutor with in-depth knowledge and experience in your chosen subject.

You are strongly advised to make use of your tutors expertise and ask questions about the course content. Your assignments are marked by your personal tutor and detailed feedback is given. As well as this your tutor will provide you with pointers and advice on where you can improve- this helps you to get the most from your courses and constantly improve your skills.

A Level Sociology Course Content

Included in this A Level Sociology course are the following units:

Unit 1: Introduction to Sociology

This is an introductory unit which will introduce you to the different perspectives within sociology that you will be using throughout your A-level course.

Unit 2: Education

  • The role and functions of the education system
  • Educational achievement of social groups (i.e., social class, gender and ethnicity)
  • Internal and external factors and how these impact educational achievement
  • The significance of educational policies.

Unit 3: Families and Households

  • The relationship of the family, with reference to the economy and to social policies
  • Changing patterns of marriage and the diversity of contemporary family and household structures
  • Gender roles, domestic labour and power relationships within the family in contemporary society
  • Changes in the status of children in the family and society
  • Demographic trends in the United Kingdom since 1900.

Unit 4: The Media

  • The new media and their significance for an understanding of the role of the media in contemporary society
  • The relationship between ownership and control of the media
  • The media, globalisation and popular culture
  • The processes of selection and presentation of the content of the news
  • Media representations of age, social class, ethnicity, gender, sexuality and disability
  • The relationship between the media, their content and presentation, and audiences.

Unit 5: Crime and Deviance

  • Crime, deviance, social order and social control
  • The social distribution of crime and deviance by ethnicity, gender and social class, including recent patterns and trends in crime
  • Globalisation and crime in contemporary society; the media and crime; green crime; human rights; and state crimes
  • Crime control, surveillance, prevention and punishment, victims, and the role of the criminal justice system and other agencies.

Unit 6: Theories and Methods

  • Quantitative and qualitative methods of research; research design
  • Sources of data, including questionnaires, interviews, participant and non-participant observation, experiments, documents, and official statistics
  • The distinction between primary and secondary data, and between quantitative and qualitative data
  • The relationship between positivism, interpretivism and sociological methods; the nature of ‘social facts’
  • The theoretical, practical and ethical considerations influencing choice of topic, choice of method(s) and the conduct of research
  • Consensus, conflict, structural and social action theories
  • The concepts of modernity and postmodernity in relation to sociological theory
  • The nature of science and the extent to which sociology can be regarded as scientific
  • The relationship between theory and methods
  • Debates about subjectivity, objectivity and value freedom
  • The relationship between sociology and social policy.

A Level Specification


The AQA A Level Sociology qualification is available both in the UK and internationally and is seen as a global standard for knowledge in sociological theory. The course is accredited with AQA, an industry leader with decades of expertise in academic qualifications.

For more information regarding AQA, click on the AQA tab further up this page.


On this A Level Sociology course you are required to enter yourself for the AQA examinations. This means that you will need to contact an AQA centre local to you in order to sit your exam and pay any fees that are required for this. Exam fees can vary between centres but are much cheaper when organised early so we advise to book your exams long before the actual examination date.

AQA A Levels

AQA A Level Examinations

This qualification is designed to meet the AQA A Level specification. AQA are one of the largest awarding bodies in the UK, offering GCSEs, A Levels and range of other qualifications. Their quality standards are incredibly high and AQA qualifications are very well respected both in the UK and other nations.

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Our AQA A Levels do require you to complete an external examination at a registered AQA centre which will require you to pay an additional fee. This course will prepare you for your examinations that can be taken at an AQA centre in the UK or internationally.

To achieve your A Level qualification you need to sit the exams as a private candidate. Information can be found about this, as well as the examinations themselves, on our exam guide page.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this the same A Level Sociology course taken in schools?

Yes, this is the same course that is done in schools. Our course fully prepares you to sit your exam. The exam itself is sat in a school or exam centre. The course is the AQA A Level Sociology (7192) which is widely taught in schools in the UK.

What is included in the cost of the A Level Sociology course?

The course includes the costs of all assignments, mock exams and tuition with us. It does not include the cost of sitting the A Level examination which is booked with the school or exam centre where this is sat.

Where do I sit the exam?

The exam for this A Level course is sat either in an official examination centre or in a local school that takes private candidates for this course. The organisation of this is down to each student but we can provide help and assistance on exam booking if needed.

What entry requirements are there for this course?

There are no entry requirements for this course at all. Anyone can study for this certification and there is no need to have any prior knowledge or experience.

How long do I have to study?

This A Level Sociology course has an enrolment length of 24 months included from the date you enrol. This is plenty of time to complete the assignments but you can purchase additional time for £60 per month should you need longer to finish the assignments.

Do I have to sit an exam?

Yes, to get the full A Level you will need to sit an exam in a local exam centre. You do not have to sit this exam though and can use our course as revision or help to assist in your A Level studies.

Am I assigned a tutor for this course?

Yes – all students are assigned to a personal tutor who will be in charge of your tuition. The same tutor marks all of your work as well as being available to answer any questions you may have throughout your enrolment period.

Can I speak to someone before I enrol?

Of course. Our helpful course advisors are on hand from 9am until 5pm Monday to Friday. Contact us on our online chat or by calling 0800 772 0887 to discuss this course.

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A Level Sociology Course
A Level Sociology Course