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Our Personal Fitness Trainer Level 3 course is perfect for anyone looking to gain an in-depth knowledge of the fitness and health industry as well as achieve a certificate to show their understadning. Covering 6 units, the course breaks down biomechanics, physiology, functional training and the psychology of fitness.

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About this Course

Working with people to help them achieve their fitness and health goals is a very rewarding career. It takes someone with high levels of motivation, personal skills and organisation ot become a successful personal fitness trainer and this course is a great step to achieve knowledge of the fitness industry.


Study Time: 100 hours
Enrolment length: 12 months
Course Format: Online
Entry Requirements: None Specific

Upon completion of this course, students receive a Quality Licence Scheme certificate and an OLC Certificate. All certification fees are included in your course fees.


To complete this Personal Fitness Trainer Level 3 course you will need to submit and pass all of the tutor marked assignments. There are 6 assignments in the course and no need to purchase any textbooks as we provide all of the lessons and materials required to learn the syllabus.

There is no formal exam and the certification fee is included in the course fees.


All of our students are given access to our online campus through their own personal login and password. Once logged in you can access your course materials, lessons, resources and assignments in your own time. Assignments are uploaded through your account and the process is easy intuitive. Our online campus includes:

  • 24/7/365 access to all of your course materials- all lessons, assignments and resources are available from the moment you enrol
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  • Integrated chat and messaging systems so that you can contact your tutor
  • Online assignment uploads to save time in returning marks and feedback.
  • Links to further resources and information available on courses
  • Self-led learning on all courses- study in your own time and work through your assignments at your own pace
  • Safe e-portfolio of your work is kept under lock and key on our secure servers
  • Progress bar to show the work you have completed and how many tasks you still have to complete on your course
  • Detailed help centre with step-by-step instructions on getting the most from your course and how to upload assignments and contact your tutor

Enrolment Length

All of our courses are allocated plenty of time for students to complete their studies and all materials are self-led so that you can complete the course at your own pace. Should you require additional time on one of our courses you can extend your enrolment by 30 days for an additional fee of £60.

As well as this we operate a 14 day money back guarantee on every one of our courses- that’s how confident we are of how you will love studying with us!

Course Content

This Personal Fitness Trainer Level 3 course assesses the following units:

Unit 1 – Exercise and lifestyle psychology

In this unit you will learn about the psychology behind lifestyle choices and exercise.  You will consider what parts of a client’s lifestyle need to be changed and understand the barriers that some clients may face when looking to make these necessary changes. The unit goes on to cover the importance of setting achievable goals and providing the necessary support required in order to achieve these goals. Finally, you will look at how psychology is actually applied to personal fitness training.

Unit 2 – Biomechanics

This unit will help you to understand the laws of mechanics and physics to human performance. You will study the anatomy of the skeleton and learn about joint movements before looking at some of the common injuries associated with exercise and how these can be reduced and treated. Finally, you will study the different types of muscles in the body, their location and what they are used for.

Unit 3 – Exercise physiology

This unit will explain the complex network comprising of the heart, blood and blood vessels which is known as the cardiovascular system. You will explore, in detail, the effects of exercise on the cardiovascular system and consider the importance of the respiratory system before moving on to study different diseases that can affect the cardiovascular system.

Unit 4 – Personal training skills

This unit will give you an insight into how to develop a fitness programme. It will help you to understand the elements that define fitness and encourage you to identify appropriate tests to measure and monitor fitness status. The unit will look at some of the basic myths and fallacies concerning exercise and training and consider the risk factors involved in certain age groups when introducing a fitness programme.

Unit 5 – Functional training

This unit will introduce the delicate system, made up of moving parts in the body, which is known as the kinetic chain. The unit will explain how sports performance differs from conventional training and will look at sports specific conditioning. You will analyse posture and consider suitable corrective exercises for bad posture before going on to look at special populations and how understanding the musculoskeletal system is essential when planning suitable training for these groups of people.

Unit 6 – Business skills

This unit will look at the important factors which need to be considered when setting up a personal fitness training business. You will consider why market research is important and look at ways of setting up a business based on image, premises, hours and earnings. You will learn how to calculate an hourly rate that is both competitive and realistic and understand the different ways of drumming up business. The unit will then go on to cover the importance of writing a business plan and look at what should be included within the plan. Finally, you will learn about the legal status of the different types of companies and consider which formation is best suited to your own needs.

This course can be taken over a 12 month period but you can complete it as fast or as slowly as you wish.


The most important tool that all of our students have at their disposal is their tutor. When studying for a course with us you are assigned a personal tutor with in-depth knowledge and experience in your chosen subject.

You are strongly advised to make use of your tutors expertise and ask questions about the course content. Your assignments are marked by your personal tutor and detailed feedback is given. As well as this your tutor will provide you with pointers and advice on where you can improve- this helps you to get the most from your courses and constantly improve your skills.


To pass this course learners must pass 6 assignments. These are completed after navigating through the corresponding lessons and writing your answers to assignment questions. Once these have been read and marked by your personal tutor, feedback and marks are provided to students which contain helpful tips to improve work in future assignments.

Quality Licence Scheme

Quality Licence Scheme

At the end of this course successful learners will be given the option to receive a Certificate of Achievement from the Quality Licence Scheme and a Learner Unit Summary (which lists the components the learner has completed as part of the course).

ABC qualification

The course has been endorsed under the Quality Licence Scheme.  This means that Oakwood Home Learning has undergone an external quality check to ensure that the organisation and the courses it offers, meet defined quality criteria. The completion of this course alone does not lead to a regulated qualification* but may be used as evidence of knowledge and skills gained. The Learner Unit Summary may be used as evidence towards Recognition of Prior Learning if you wish to progress your studies in this subject. To this end the learning outcomes of the course have been benchmarked at the level shown against level descriptors published by Ofqual, to indicate the depth of study and level of demand/complexity involved in successful completion by the learner.

The course itself has been designed by Oakwood Home Learning to meet specific learners’ and/or employers’ requirements which cannot be satisfied through current regulated qualifications. The Quality Licence Scheme endorsement involves robust and rigorous quality audits by external auditors to ensure quality is continually met.  A review of courses is carried out as part of the endorsement process.

The Quality Licence Scheme is part of the Skills and Education Group, a charitable organisation that unites education and skills-orientated organisations that share similar values and objectives. With more than 100 years of collective experience, the Skills and Education Group’s strategic partnerships create opportunities to inform, influence and represent the wider education and skills sector.

The Skills and Education Group also includes two nationally recognised awarding organisations; Skills and Education Group Awards and Skills and Education Group Access. Through our awarding organisations we have developed a reputation for providing high-quality qualifications and assessments for the education and skills sector. We are committed to helping employers, organisations and learners cultivate the relevant skills for learning, skills for employment, and skills for life

Our knowledge and experience of working within the awarding sector enables us to work with training providers, through the Quality Licence Scheme, to help them develop high-quality courses and/or training programmes for the non-regulated market

*Regulated qualification refers to those qualifications that are regulated by Ofqual / CCEA / Qualification Wales


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personal trainer course
Personal Fitness Trainer Level 3
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