Tutor Support

We do our best to give our students the greatest possible support when studying through distance learning. After all, a knowledgable and helpful tutor is one of the best assets when learning and it should be no different when learning online!

Expert tutor support

All of our tutors are experts in their fields and have amassed years of experience teaching to the highest standard imaginable. Here to help whenever you need us, you can get in touch with your tutor through the online campus and easily ask for assistance at any point. Our tutors endeavour to respond to queries as fast as possible and will get back to you with helpful advice and tips on what ever part of the course you have a query about.

Fast and detailed feedback

After completing and uploading an assignment your tutor will mark your work and provide you with feedback. Rather than the useless ‘Well done’ or ‘Keep it up’, we endeavour to provide deep and meaningful advice and insights to help you improve at every opportunity. Feedback will be broken down and delivered to you so that you know exactly how to improve for future assignments. This is how you can get the most from your studies and learn new skills to the highest standard- something which your career will benefit from!

Contact support how and when you want

You can contact your tutor or our support staff at any time you like on your course. Get in touch with us as often or as little as you like and we will get back to you every time with helpful and insightful information to help you get the most from your studies.

Teaming quality support and teaching with in-depth course materials and modern online learning techniques is a sure fire way to be the best. With the Online Learning College you can get an education in no time at all and learn new skills at a  pace to suit you.