Read through our FAQs to answer any questions may have. If you can’t find the answer to your question you can get in touch with us instead: Contact Page

When can I enrol on a course?

We do not have set term dates therefore you can enrol on a course at any time and study at a pace that suits you.

How much contact can I have with my tutor?

As much as you need! Tutors can be contacted through email or our messaging system and provide detailed feedback on all assignments. The best asset you can have while studying is a helpful tutor and our aim is to give you the best possible support on your course.

Will I get a certificate?

Of course. All of our full courses come with an OLC Diploma upon completion and most of our courses carry certification with many of the top awarding bodies in the world. Check the course you are interested in to see what certification is available.

How can I get in touch with my tutor?

Our online campus has a built in messaging system that can be used at any time. This will link to your tutors email and we try to get back to you as soon as we possibly can.

Can I do my course on paper instead of online?

We do offer the option of your course being sent to you as a paper version for an additional cost. You will need to submit your assignments through the online campus but this is very easy and we provide you with all of the help you need to do this.

Can I extend my enrolment if I need more time?

Yes you can. All of our courses have plenty of time allocated for you to study but if you do need an extra few weeks then you can extend your enrolment. The price for this is £60 for every additional month needed.

I’m not great with technology- will I be able to learn online?

We continually try to make learning simple and transparent. This includes the way you can contact us, our pricing structures and of course our courses. Learning through our online campus is incredibly easy and you can navigate around your qualification quickly and access all of the learning materials as soon as you login.

You studying should be about what you learn, not how you learn it. Which is why we make the entire process as simple as possible to help you adjust to learning online. Should you wish to learn more about our learning platform you can visit our online campus page.

Can I enrol on a course if I do not live in the UK?

Yes you can. The great thing about online learning is that there are no classes to attend. So you can study anywhere and at any time to suit you.

Is it safe to purchase courses over the internet?

We use the best security measures available to protect your information. Our site and payment gateway both run through SSL encrypted servers, which is a fancy way of saying they are safe and secure.

Are there any additional fees to pay after I enrol?

We absolutely hate hidden fees! Which is why our courses include all of the pricing information up front on the course page. You will not need to pay extra to get the certificates for your course as we build the certification fees into the price so there are no nasty surprises. Some of our courses do require external exams (such as our IGCSE courses) and you will need to pay for these separately but all of the necessary fees are explained before you enrol.