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Getting GCSEs After Finishing School

Retaking your GCSE’s as an adult can be both daunting and confusing, but it can be the one hurdle between you and that dream job, or entering into further education. What might come as a surprise is that revisiting your GCSE’s after leaving school is actually a lot more common than you think! Whilst we understand that it can all feel a bit too little too late, we want to show you that there is no reason to let disappointing GCSE grades hold you back!

The first thing to note is that you are not alone; in fact many adults study for their GCSE’s later on in life, and find the experience to be a much more positive one than the first time around. This is down to a number of factors, from the difference in approach all the way to the simple fact that as an adult, you are in a completely different frame of mind. Rather than feeling forced to take your exams at a high-pressured time of life, you are choosing to take them to better yourself and therefore you are instantly more engaged.

If you have found yourself here you may be in this very position, so what do you need to know? We have put together all the information you might need before going about retaking GCSE’s as an adult learner, and what courses we have available that will help you along the way to success!

Why Bother Retaking Your GCSE’s?

We have all been there; 16 years old and facing weeks of exams and coursework, all at one of the most important and often confusing times of a young adults life. For many it can be an incredibly difficult period, and unfortunately as a result you may not come out with the exam grades you may have wanted or needed.

At the time it can feel like the end of the world, however all is not lost! You have the option to revisit these important exams later on in life, whether that is a year later or 30 years down the line, it is never too late!

But why bother?It might not seem like it, but there are so many benefits to having a few GCSE’s under your belt; whatever your motivation may be it is always worth considering taking the necessary steps towards education in order to better your future.

Here are some of the main benefits of retaking your GCSE’s:

  • Better job prospects – Whilst it is not NECESSARY to have GCSE’s in order to get a good job, most roles require a minimum of grade C or above in English and Maths. These are considered to be the most important subject areas and the ones that are typically required.
  • Improved CV – If you are applying for multiple jobs you will likely know how difficult it can be to stand out from the crowd. Having a few of the core GCSE’s on there will give you a much greater chance of being shortlisted when compared to someone who lacks these qualifications.
  • Earning Potential – Perhaps one of the most obvious benefits to gaining some GCSE’s is the rise of your earning potential. The money you can earn goes hand in hand with the improved job prospects that naturally come with having more qualifications in your arsenal.
  • Opening New Doors – Whether you are looking to broaden your career horizons or want to get into further education, having those GCSE’s can really be the key to opening up new doors. Whilst it is very possible to get a good career without these qualifications, it is much easier and a fast-track route to achieving your life and career goals.
  • Further Education –College or University isn’t for everyone, but for some it is a necessary step on the way to getting their foot in the door when it comes to a specialist industry. From law and medicine to engineering and social care, the need for specific qualifications stretches across a broad spectrum of industries, and often always starts with GCSE’s.


Where Do You Start?

If you feel at a place where you are considering retaking GCSE’s then you have come to the right place! We know that it can sometimes be off-putting trying to get your head around the process of it all, especially if it’s been some years since you last studied. A quick Google search may bring up 5 completely different ways to obtain your GCSE’s, and knowing what is best can be hard.

Luckily we have put everything into one concise article so that you don’t need to waste time researching, and believe it or not – it’s a lot easier than you think to get the ball rolling!

In order to retake your GCSE exams, there are really only two things you need:

  1. Up to date and relevant study materials in order to prepare you for the exams.
  2. A registered school or college in which you can take the GCSE exams.

These are the necessities required to prepare and take your GCSE exams as an adult. However, as a third optional addition we recommend a tutor that will be able to support your learning to ensure you only have to do this once! Whilst a tutor will certainly cost more money than going at it alone, it can help improve your chances at passing with a good grade. After all, for many it will have been years since they needed to study and it can be difficult getting back into this, especially alone.

Once you have booked your exam through your local authority, all that is left to do is learn the material! We offer completely supported online GCSE prep, which also includes mock exams to make sure you are as prepared as possible for the big day!

How Can the Online Learning College Help?

Depending on what subject area you want to study in, the OLC can offer some great online courses that are well-priced, fully comprehensive and completely online to fit around your schedule!

Along with full tutor support at every stage, you will gain access to all the necessary resources, practice papers as well as tutor feedback to help you guide you along the way. So, what subjects can you take with us at OLC?

GCSE Mathematics – If Maths is the subject of choice for you; we offer the full syllabus on our online course. You will be granted 24-hour access to all of your course materials, and will study independently with the support of a personal tutor. You can easily track your progress as you move through lessons and assignments, and chat with your tutor at any time. This is all you will need to prepare you for the Edexcel GCSE mathematics test that takes place annually during May/June.

GCSE English Language– Alongside Maths, English is actually one of the most highly requested GCSE grades to have when it comes to further education and employment. It is not only important to progress, but also as part of day-to-day life. We offer a 12 month long online course that has the same flexibility as our other courses, and will walk you through language basics, reading and analysing texts, reading and writing and creative writing. Like with all our courses you will be provided with full tutor support to prepare you for your exam, which must be booked by yourself through local authority.

Along with the core subjects we also offer GCSE courses in:

  • Business
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Psychology

Alternative Options For Your Exams 

Whilst the GCSE is one of the most recognised qualifications worldwide, it is also appreciated that many individuals learn differently, and that not one size fits all. For this reason the IGCSE (International GCSE) was brought in, originally seen more throughout independent schools, but is often a preferred choice for mature students. The main reason behind this preference is that the IGCSE typically involves much less coursework (if any at all) and is very much focused on exams.

For many who haven’t picked up a pen in years or sat down to a test, this is a much more preferential option, it means less time writing and more time spent on studying for the exams.

It is important to know that there are options out there to suit you, and that regardless of which you opt for they both hold the same recognition.


Final Thoughts

Whatever the reason is for you finding yourself here, it is important to understand that resitting any exam, and choosing to better yourself is never something to be worried or embarrassed about.

We speak to many adults who approach us to retake their GCSE’s who are often reserved to start out, and we appreciate that the whole process can be quite nerve wracking. That’s why we offer complete flexibility, support and guidance throughout to give you the confidence needed to come out with excellent GCSE’s.

If you have a fulltime job, a family, someone you look after, then our courses are the perfect option. You can study at anytime that suits your schedule, day or night you have full access to your lessons and learning materials, and everything is kept securely on our database.

If you are wondering whether you should take the leap, get in touch with us and we can walk you through the process!

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