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Why You Should Consider Studying Online

In most areas of life we are always reminded to better ourselves; whether that means progressing from high school to college, or from college to university, or even later in life encouragement at work with promises of promotions and career progression.

It seems like there is always new skills to be learnt at every step, which can be quite overwhelming and at times incredibly difficult to keep up with. With life commitments tending to build up as we age, finding the time to learn a new skill or study for a new qualification can seem impossible and often leaves people feeling like they’ve missed their chance!

So does that mean that for those who have a family, a demanding job or other day-to-day commitments that there is no room for self-improvement or progression? Certainly not anymore – as the world around us becomes ever more “online”, studying has become more accessible than ever!

But why should you consider studying online? And which people are online courses designed for?

At The Online Learning College, we offer a broad range of courses to cater for young adults, mature students, or just those looking to learn a new skill, whether its time to retake those GCSE’s or start a brand new subject, we have something for everyone!

What Are The Benefits Of Studying Online?

The benefits of studying online are vast, and although you may not think it at first – it is also much more common than you think! Here are the key benefits to studying online:

Career Progression

Whether you are looking for a job or are hoping to progress within your role, there is no denying that the job market is pretty ruthless nowadays. With more emphasis being placed on digital skills, it seems that more and more employers are asking for specific skill sets that perhaps weren’t made available during your educational years.

Taking on an online course will not only allow you the freedom to study on the job, but it could be the difference between you and the next candidate when it comes to that dream position. In the eyes of an employer, they will see not only someone with all the relevant knowledge needed to excel in the role, but also the dedication and self motivation that it takes to study in your own time.

At the Online Learning College, we offer a range of in demand and very modern courses that will help you stand out from the crowd of applicants; from Desktop courses such as Microsoft Excel and Outlook, through to business and management courses we cater for todays digital workplace by targeting those popular areas of expertise.

Alongside the more modern day courses, we also offer courses across the childcare sector, beauty industry and much more – there really is so much option with online learning!


Perhaps one of the most common reasons we find for why people turn to remote learning is time commitments. Whether you’re a parent, work in a high-stress job or simply don’t feel like you have the time to study – there are flexible options out there for you!

Most online courses are available for you to access 24/7, meaning that you have the autonomy and freedom to work when and where you want to! All you need is an Internet connection; the rest is on your terms.

Work night shifts? Have a newborn baby? Look after sick or injured loved ones? There is always an option available that means you can still better yourself without dropping the ball on another part of your life.

OLC offers full flexibility with each course we do, meaning that you can start whenever you like, work in the night, morning, dinner – there really is no limits. You have round the clock accesses to all your course materials, and you work with the understanding that there isn’t going to be someone breathing down your neck.

We find working online like this vs. attending a school or college gives learners much more creative freedom, and a sense of responsibility for their own learning that can often be lost in a classroom environment.


We understand that you are probably reading this with a view that online courses cost just as much as a college or university course! However, this couldn’t be further from the truth, in fact most courses not only cost much less but also help you save money in other ways too!

Anybody who has studied during his or her lives, from high school onwards will tell you that it can be a costly affair even with course fees aside! You have to factor in travel costs, petrol, food and drink, and resources such as books and manuals (to name a few)! All these things are big parts of studying in a traditional setting, and it can put many people off

We understand that many of us haven’t got surplus money, especially when we are running a home; with family costs and day-to-day bills, it can be hard work! The financial benefits of opting for an online course mean that you can still bulk up your CV without breaking the bank!

With the OLC, you have the option to pay for your course in instalments, making learning more affordable than ever. We never want to stand between you and your future, so we try and make everything as accessible as possible, and this means giving you payment plans to suit your needs.

On-going Support

Yes but when you learn online you miss out on teacher support, right? Wrong! Most modern online courses provide tutor support, online forums where other students can discuss work and make new friends, not to mention a wealth of information at the touch of a button!

There really is nothing to worry about when it comes to support, with OLC we offer full tutor support, which is provided from an industry specialist. You will have access to the best experts of your field of study where you can ask all the questions and tackle problems head on.

Distance learning doesn’t have to mean you’re waiting for weeks for a reply from your tutor either, we pride ourselves in offering fast and detailed feedback on queries, assignments and any other work you may have submitted. Our tutors work hard to provide in-depth comments on each aspect of your work, allowing you to improve for the next time, and gain even more knowledge than before!

And don’t forget, there is never such thing as a stupid question – get in touch with us as little or as often as you need to! Our tutors will always reply and try to help however they can.

What Do You Need To Study Online?

Unlike college or university, many online courses require very little in the way of formal qualifications in order to enrol onto a course. Of course this certainly differs depending on the course provider and the subject you want to train in, but the general rule of thumb is that online study is much more accessible to a wider range of people!

However, that being said there is a certain set of skills you will need to be able to study online, so we have listed our top things to consider before enrolling onto an online course.


It probably goes without saying that any further education that is no longer compulsory requires a wealth of dedication and self-motivation. With all the benefits of studying at your own leisure, there comes a big risk of letting things pile up! When you are removed from a formal setting, it can be all too easy to get distracted, which of course can be problematic for your progress.

The first skill that will really make an impact on your overall success is self-motivation; choosing to study, revise, write an essay at set times and being motivated to do well will see you on the right path!

TIP: We recommend setting yourself a weekly timetable, or daily checklist to help you keep focused and achieving the goals you set out for yourself. This will help massively when it comes to staying on track with your workload.


This goes hand in hand with self-motivation really, as if you are not passionate about the course you are doing you are less likely to feel motivated and less likely to succeed.

We understand that not everyone will be enrolling on online courses for themselves; whether you need to get a certain qualification to make it onto the next course, or you’ve been asked by your boss – sometimes it isn’t your own choice. This can be detrimental in terms of success, if you are lacking passion your motivation will suffer and ultimately you will hate what you are doing.

Before enrolling onto any online course, we always recommend that you do your research to find out exactly what’s involved, and what you will be studying. If you really find that you don’t want to do it, perhaps consider whether you are in the right job, or on the right training in the first place.

Tip: With the OLC, we provide in-depth information into exactly what modules will be covered in every course we offer. This is to ensure that our learners are confident that they have picked the right course for them, and that it is what they need to get to their next goal. So always check and read thoroughly before enrolling!


Finally, no online course can be completed without commitment. Remember that you are given almost full autonomy when studying online, meaning it is up to you to schedule your working hours, what assignments you need to do and when you’re going to do them. In order to stay on top of managing your own time, commitment is necessary.

We have had great success stories come from our online learners, however a general overwhelming opinion is that commitment was key to their success.

Tip: Considering things such as work location, time availability and other factors before enrolling should give you an idea on how committed you are to this particular course.

Consider The Online Learning College For Your Online Studies

We are dedicated to providing a high quality-learning environment to all of our learners, and this is even more important when the study is completely online! With OLC you can be sure that you are provided with everything you need and more to succeed, from all the tutor support you need, to full access to our Online Campus.

We are friendly and approachable, so get in touch with us if you are considering learning online, and we can walk you through the process!

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